While the Sun Shines

The guys have been working long days… well, as best they can in between rain showers… putting up hay.  You know the old adage, “Make hay while the sun shines”?  Sun is essential for drying fresh cut hay.  If you bale hay too wet, it can start to decompose, yes, like in a compost pile, and create heat.  Too much heat and haystacks can actually start themselves on fire.

That’s not a common occurrence around here, we have such dry air and sunshine (usually) that making hay is relatively a fast and easy process.  Sometimes they have to even bale it with dew on it, in the early morning or late at night, to get it to the right stage to compact and not shatter all the nutrient leaves off of the alfalfa.

We have grown forage wheat as well, and Daniel called his family out to pose and show off the height.  Some parts were even taller, but this is pretty tall!

windrowwheatThe same field…



While the Sun Shines — 7 Comments

  1. Lovely set of photo’s. We are keeping so busy ourselves that I fail to comment very often, but I sure try to check you out each day before I crawl out of bed! Keep them coming my friend, PLEASE!

  2. Beautiful scenes that made my day! And your added commentary made me think
    how important it is for you all to keep track of the weather, along with the joy of having fun together in those high hay fields. Wow!

  3. Amazing and wonderful, I’ve never seen wheat that TALL! Hard labor rewarded, that’s how it should always be (in my book).
    The last picture – such a beautiful, tranquil, peaceful scene!

  4. I’m sure our UK farmers are making hay while the sunshine. Temps are 80 plus and predicted to stay that way until the end of the week. We are just not use to kind of heat though many love it. Lovely photos Carol. My favourite is the sunrise/sunset and the GKs in the grass. What fun to play in that tall grass

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