Grandkids’ Day

It must have been Grandkids’ Day at the Greet Ranch.

Early in the morning, Quinlan gets to try out a neighbor’s “kids’ horse” for the first time.

MaggieIt was an easy ride of a few miles along a road… and to the home place.

test driveThen we began to bleed the heifers… gathering a blood sample to be tested to see if they’re pregnant from the AI-ing.

Jaxon and Lacee stepped up and kept the blood vials in good order.

vialsNext, was helping great grandpa with pulling the rope to open the gate to the chute.

helpOnce Jaxon sat down his water bottle, he quickly figured he could do it all by himself if he threw his full weight into it!  So he did…

pullpullpullI do believe they’re catching on!


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