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A little while ago, I had a visit from a determined young lady named Natalina Sents.  She was working on a project called Why I Farm.  Sponsored by Beck’s, a seed company, the goal is simply to recognize farmers (and ranchers!), share their stories, and connect with consumers.  Today, only 2% of Americans are farmers.  What a radical change from a couple of generations ago!

Beck’s started with a few farmers and posted their stories.  It grew in popularity, and when Natalina graduated from college, her goal was to travel to each of the 50 states in a year and interview farmers and ranchers.  Beck’s helped fund her dream entitled Why I Farm Roadtrip.

She came to see me on a rainy day… I was actually her very last interview!  (Thanks, R. G., who recommended we meet up!)  I told her some history, and introduced her to Vernon, Daniel, and Johnny… She took some photos… and today, she posted my story.

Natalina, you did an amazing job, and I wish you the best in whatever future endeavor you undertake!  Thanks to you, your dream, and Beck’s, our story is being shared with a big audience who now know why I farm




Why I Farm — 5 Comments

  1. What a great article. Inspiring. Thank you. I have to say, I have a whole new, much bigger and in-awe-of view of farming and ranching since I started reading your blog.Now when we drive up 99 here in CA, I wonder about just who those cattle belong to. 🙂

  2. Why I Farm Roadtrip – what a great idea. I love the article about your ranch and am glad that your blog is mentioned in it – it’s such a treasure. Most excellent!

  3. Wonderful to read your story and the family history of your ranch. Yes, we need to read about these life styles, so often missed in the busyness of life. Your blog is a daily reminder of your hard work, riding in the wide open spaces of WY, the ‘NOT’ 9-5 part of the job and most of all the passion you have for what you do which radiates from your blog. Keep on blogging.

  4. Nice article. Thanks for sharing it. I expect the Greet Ranch to live on for at least another hundred years or so!

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