Long Ol’ Days

Another day of trailing cattle.

long shadow

Vernon rode along today.

They trailed right along… paired up for the most part.  We had gathered the little holding pasture, trailed them to the Mesa Pasture, paired them up and sent them through the gate, and we were done by 9:30 am.  The other day, we were finished by 8:45, which must be some kind of record.  I always figure if we’re done by 10, it was a job well done!  (Please note:  the irrigating the guys have to do was done before we even saddled up… at 6 am.)


tall sagebrush(Headed due east through some TALL sagebrush)

last pair(My guys are kicking the last pair through the gate.  Not much snow left on the Big Horns… but there’s still snow!)

We then took our break, rehydrated ourselves and the dogs, loaded our horses into the trailer, and returned home by 11:30.

Ready to put in another 8 hours or so.

The guys have been doing some long ol’ days lately, with more to come, but tomorrow we will play!

I can’t wait!


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  1. You will blink and then it will be time to gather them and head back again! Can sure see the fire danger in the grass.

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