There’s Hope

Remember my tipi idea from a few days ago?

I was feeling pretty down, no one thought my idea could work, at least those that knew construction materials.  Yes, a fiberglass tipi would fit the dream of tipis in Ten Sleep… But I am just on to “playing” with extended life and/or solid tipi for myself here at home.

I go to my local Ace Hardware store, which is THE place to go… The first kid told me he didn’t think it was possible… After discussion, he retreived another gentleman, who also said no.  The third guy listened to my idea and plea for anything that might work.

“Sure, you can do that!”

(Keep going til you find someone to support your idea! Is my motto…)

He proceeded to tell me what I should be googling to get the proper ratios… It’s called Monster Mud and it’s used in set decorations.  The basic formula is joint compound and latex paint.  Other things can be added to this depending on the look and strength desired.

He thought Portland cement and a concrete treatment might give it some strength and flexibility… But encouraged me to go Google it, believing that there was a recipe that had some “rubberized” effects.


I haven’t found the “rubberized” version, but I’m still looking.  There was one where they added latex caulk…

In the meantime, the little tipi is up and cuter than snot!

I’ve more investigating to do, I need to cut those smoke flap poles, but there’s hope that this little tipi may have more permanence in the future!


There’s Hope — 6 Comments

  1. OK, so I confess it’s been 15 years since I last kept up w/ what’s new in the concrete/cement biz… So I went googling and youtubing for how to make or buy flexible concrete. There seem to be several, apparently proprietary because I couldn’t find any formulas, used in road and building construction but I couldn’t find out how to buy them.

    All these things seem to be made w/ some form of polymer microfiber that disperses throughout the mix and link back together as the material cures. Way better than just adding shredded fiberglass cloth like used to be the rage to slow down spall (surface cracking during freeze/thaw).

    Sakcrete makes something called Softcrete but the video says it has aggregate in it. Probably rock no bigger than a marble.

    Then there is this stuff; ShapeCrete made for artists and creators.

    It might be just what you are looking for if you can trowel or hand work it into/onto your fiber… There’s a lot of videos on their channel about things they’ve made. Given they demo it for flower pots it might overcome all the environmental short comings cement & mortar suffer from. And if it doesn’t crack after it sets you’d be ready to go.

    Hope this helps Carol, I wasn’t trying to discourage you and I didn’t think far enough ahead to go look and see what you might use before I yapped off…


    • NO, NO, you weren’t the only one that said it wouldn’t work… and, yes, it was those ShapeCrete videos I was thinking of. I’m still gonna try SOMETHING… I just need to figure out which brand or formula I’m going to use. Thanks for doing research for me, I’ve now found some other suggestions I need to check out more fully. Sculpt or Coat, Jaxsan 600, FRP by Liquid Nails, and elastometric roof coating. This idea is leading me on a merry chase! I appreciate all input, even if it tells me I may be making a mistake! 😉

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