Partway Up

We trailed to our mountain pasture… our big workday…

But this year, for me, it was a tad different.  Instead of riding, I had babysitting duty, watching five grandkids.  That freed up three people to ride instead of just me, so it made sense logistically, though I have to admit, I missed my cowboying job!

The cousins ran wild until I piled them into the pickup which was already loaded down with drink and food for lunch. We drove the newly designated “chuckwagon” to meet the cowboys partway up the mountain.

uptrailWe caught up with them… fed them lunch… followed them the last leg… and were obviously exhausted by the end…



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  1. You are so blessed to have all five grand kids so close to see them grow up! Some of us have grand kids 1,000 and 1,300 miles away and never got to do this! Its fun to watch your daily activities on here! Thank you, Carol!

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