Sorry to disappoint you #tbt fans once again, but we have had a very tiny, wonderful, surprise today.

Daniel was on his way to check his irrigating as he does every morning… And he noticed one of our new ponies, Jackie, lying alone.  She has been turned out of the corral since the kids’ rodeo. Usually, she stands around with the other horses in the pasture.  Horses lying alone are generally NOT a good thing.  Daniel was hesitant to go check, thinking the worst.

As he approached, something jumped up from the grass.  Wonder of wonders…

I stopped after work for photos.



Little did we know when we bought the ponies, that Jackie was bred!  The sellers never said anything… The vet check never mentioned it… We were sure she was just a fat and lazy pony!

How amazed are we with this little jewel!

coltI do believe he’s a keeper!colt


He has no name yet.

coltPreference will be given to those names that start with a “J”!  Make all the suggestions you’d like!


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  1. Wonderful family group photo so that we can see the newborn in scale relative to your son and little granddaughter. What a delightful surprise for all.

  2. You can disappoint me anytime on a throwback Thursday with such fabulous pictures and news of this new little baby !! The markings are adorable ! I’m sure that your grandchildren are extremely excited with the new baby !

  3. The Best kind of Surprise!! I’d be over the moon, as I’ll bet the kids are. Maybe you too, eh? What a little cutey! I like Jackpot (because of the surprise,) and Jupiter and Jewel (but that’s rather feminine maybe,) and Joker or Jester (again because of the surprise. Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat! I’m not coming up with anything new really, so I’ll quit… lol I’m so thrilled for you all.

  4. Those look like Appaloosa spots on his rump.
    Jackson, or Jasper (you are in Wyoming, after all.
    Jackpot is also good, because that’s what you hit when you bought Jackie.

  5. Some more suggestions. Jinx, Jubal (are you a Sackett fan?), JuJu, Jumping Jack Flash (he is pretty flashy!), Joker, Jeckle (as in the cartoon)

  6. Jackpot!!! A Jewel indeed! And yes, Jupiter, as Elizabeth Crux suggested, and for the same reasons (another APOD follower here :-))! I also like Jazz. Or simply JJ (for Jackie’s Jewel, or Jackpot Jupiter).
    Oh Jackie, you are entitled to some serious pampering now, after suffering the injustice of being considered “just a fat and lazy pony”!! Lovely, great job, mama Jackie!

  7. Good morning, Carol.
    This morning I was checking out the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD)and they feature the Little Red Spot on northern Jupiter.
    Since this beautiful fellow has a reddish hue to him, especially around the neck, and those gorgeous “cloud swirls” on his rump/hindquarters, my suggestion for a name would be ‘Jupiter’ or even just ‘Jove’.
    Please keep us updated, if you would, about his progress.
    [BTW, I have been following your blog long enough that you’re still bookmarked as ‘Overlook Wyoming’. :0 ]

    All the very best to you and your ‘farmily’ – as Shreve would say…

    Dartmouth, NS, Canada

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