Eclipse Preparations

Checklist for tomorrow…

Cameras, tripods, water, chargers, eclipse glasses, solar filter, pinhole viewer, selfie cards, solar paper, water, food, schedule, hat, lawn chairs, shade, water, snacks, bubbles, white cardboard, water…

I’ve double-checked the charge on my cameras, I’m taking three…

I have extra glasses in case some child pokes a hole in theirs…

I have a list of things to do at what time… an intricate one and a simple one for when the plan falls apart…

and the knowledge that if all I get is a photo of the grandkids having a great time, that’ll be ok too!

We do have to travel south about an hour or so to hit the area of totality, but we’re trying to hide out from any crowds.  We will see if the crowds find us!!!

Happy Eclipsing!



Eclipse Preparations — 6 Comments

    • Ironically, here in sunny New Mexico where the sun shines an average of 360 days a year, today was cloudy! so we were unable to see the eclipse here except for a brief glimpse when there was a little break in the clouds, so we watched it on TV. We didn’t have totality here anyway, the sun was about 75% covered by the moon. But it did get darker here during the eclipse, which was the really exciting part, since we weren’t able to see much of it happening.

  1. I hope all your plans and equipment work out perfectly for you all. Lucky to be so close to the “path” of the eclipse.

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