What a Memory! (aka Total Solar Eclipse 2017)

Pull out the thesaurus and find some new, descriptive words.

Stunning. Gorgeous. Fabulous. Awe-inspiring.  Breathtaking.  Wondrous.  Moving.

It was all of those and many more.

The 2017 Wyoming Version of the Total Solar Eclipse was GREAT.

Oh, sure, there were  some glitches in my photography… my GoPro gave me some trouble… which is VERY FRUSTRATING when you finally set up AFTER the eclipse (C1) has started… and I’m MISSING IT… But I finally got it set and prayed it was working!

Then I scan my list and realize that I haven’t set up my sheet of white cardboard to film the shadow bands (aka shadow snakes)!  I jogged to the pickup and grab it, yanking off the tight plastic cover and throwing it down on the ground.  Good thing I did too, because at the end of totality (C2), I SAW THEM!!!!!   Faint but definite little squiggles were worming their way across my board!  I screamed like a little girl… just wait til you watch my video… I laugh now, but sheesh! I was SOOOOOOOOO excited.  They don’t show up very well on my video, but you kind of can see SOMETHING.  Think of the ripples’ shadows on the bottom of a pool and that’s what shadow snakes look like.  Not many people see them, so I’m still grinning at THAT!

I didn’t get a photo of Bailey’s Beads… but I did get some of the diamond ring.

diamond ring

My time lapse is ok, and my handheld video is a shaking, panicked, occasionally out of focus, video with some screaming lady on it and then a cute cameo by Quinlan.  A few cute pics of family, but I set up on the hill above everyone, so I’ll have to steal some from Tess and Megan because I was too busy with my production!


(The selfie cards I made have the date, cities in Wyoming, and a hole that casts a shadow… look on the car and you can see a partial eclipse!)

Everyone (including Vernon) was impressed with the effect and affect… and I’m very, very VERY glad we traveled the 1.5 hours south to enter into the totality band.

What a memory!

solar eclipse



What a Memory! (aka Total Solar Eclipse 2017) — 7 Comments

  1. Great pictures! We traveled 2 hours south to Lusk to take in 100% and it was so worth the trip and the line of cars! I didn’t get as good of pictures as I would have liked to but I will never forget it!

  2. Ohhhh so glad you had such a good and ‘giggling’ time yesterday. Too rare an event not to celebrate one of our Universes ‘WOW’ moments. Photos are fab. The diamond ring amazing. Thanks for all your though and hard work so that those of us across the pond had a taste of one special day in Wyoming.

  3. This was so exciting even in Wisconsin where it wasn’t a total eclipse but my sweet husband brought me lunch and his welding helmet to watch it through. we had a picnic on the tailgate of the truck, I am sure we were a quite an odd looking couple eating Chinese food in welding helmets.

  4. Yes, it was something else! Our dog, Pepper, came running over to us wondering what was happening! Very evident that Casper had thousands of visitors, lots of traffic and company by most homes. 91 flights in here yesterday and on the weekend plus 200 private planes! What a event of God’s precise handiwork! scientists tell us when it happened but God’s creation priduced another outstanding event!

  5. Fabulous job, Carol. You thought of all aspects to capture. Thanks for taking the time as your family will remember this for years to come.

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