The Video: In Which I See Shadow Snakes

(Sorry… I’m watching the Horatio Hornblower series again… and my phrases are becoming very 18th Century…)

So this is the video from my handheld camera which becomes painfully obvious quite quickly.  Totality has just struck, in my enthusiasm I’ve punched the power button on and off TWICE.  My DSLR which was to have chugged along nicely with a brand new powered remote had failed the day before and, come to find out, I own the only Olympus that cannot be run by remote!

Hip hip hoorah.

I was left to push the button MANUALLY for multiple exposures.  That’s the clickclickclick sound you hear.  So I’m running two cameras at once.  PLUS I’ve pulled my solar filter off the lens of my DSLR and have it in my left hand which also holds my little point and shoot Canon.  There may be a tinge of frustration in my voice.

After my 360˚ view of the totality sunset, I check for shadow bands also known as shadow snakes.  I glance down and THERE THEY WERE! I screamed like I’d stepped into a nest of rattlesnakes!!!!  Then I’m ecstatic.  They were extremely faint, but still I could see the ripples on the cardboard.  No, they don’t show on my video near as well as I saw them, but I *think* I can still make them out.

Quinlan comes running to see them as well, but they lasted just a few seconds, and he gives a great ending to this epic tale…

Solar Eclipse 2017 from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Happy anniversary, Vernon!  😉


The Video: In Which I See Shadow Snakes — 4 Comments

  1. I enjoyed your video of the eclipse and of Quinlan (who was so precious). I was amazed at the sunset that the eclipse created. It was fantabulous! Here in usually sunny New Mexico we had clouds so I only got one slight glimpse during a short break in the clouds, so we watched the whole thing on TV. And I thought it was so cool when it got dark during the middle of the day–that to me was one of the most amazing things to experience! No wonder the ancients thought the world was coming to an end when they experienced such an event! Wonderful and exciting. Thanks so much, Carol (and Quinlan)!

  2. IT was great to share in your enthusiasm in this video. Your excitement came over clearly. Such a wonderful moment for you all. Love your co editor at the end.

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