Dancing Man Cave

A holiday.  Like a REAL holiday on an ACTUAL holiday!  Wooohooo!

Thanks to the arrival of Vernon’s sister and brother-in-law from California, and Victoria, et al, from Kaycee… we took a real day off (ok, so there WAS some irrigating involved) and revisited a site we must have visited about 28 years ago… Yeah, my grown kids didn’t really remember any of it!

I refer to it in my mind as Dancing Man Cave… because I fell in love with some of its pictographs.  So much so, that years ago, I replicated them on my atlatl handle.  I mean, really?  They HAVE to be dancing, right?

dancing men

There were tons of pictographs.

I’ll have to make a slideshow or something of them all.  I think I took 100 photos!

The biggest pictograph was this bear…


There were elk and big horn sheep and lots of shield figures and dancing men… many weird shapes whose meaning is known to only a few individuals now long gone.

There were quite a few older “graffiti” signatures of people who had visited the cave from 70-over 100 years ago.  That was an interesting challenge in itself, seeing how many names we could recall from local history books.  Some were written simply in pencil.  Now they would call that a crime, but since so much time has passed it was a history lesson.

lookBrandon is pointing out some small signatures.

It was a very cool place… we broke for lunch, then went to the site of a local tragedy from 1911.  Details on that tomorrow!





Dancing Man Cave — 7 Comments

  1. What an amazing place with pictographs of different colors. It would be fascinating to learn who made these. How fortunate you all are to be able to visit this site and see original artwork where it was created, rather than cut out and mounted in a museum which is so out of context that it’s hard to get the right feel for. I’d certainly be interested in seeing a slideshow of images.

  2. What an interesting place for a family outing – gives us a lot to think about regarding its history and the people of long ago.

    I would be remiss if I did not send you my thoughts and sympathy for the loss of your beautiful English Shepherd, Dally. I am so sorry, and will miss seeing her adventures on your blog. Take care.

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