PO.  LAR.  IS.

Polaris.  What’s its other name?

This was our focus last night about this time as the four oldest grandsons and I snuggled into our sleeping bags atop the trampoline.  The air was brisk, enough that protruding limbs were soon covered up by blankets or sleeping bags or clothing, but not bad enough that we were frozen by midnight.

No one complained about the cold.  We only had to line sleeping Wyatt back up once as he’d turned sideways onto Jaxon.  No one fell off.  No one cried.  No one wanted to go back into the house.  No one saw the shooting stars but me.  No one remembered POLARIS by morning either, but we’ve repeated it a few times for memory’s sake.

I’d say it was a success, barring the lack of computer access on my trampoline… but I know you guys, and you know my family comes first, so I knew it was all good when I ducked out of blogging and tried to remember all my Girl Scout astronomy lessons.

PO.  LAR.  IS.

The North Star.

Never moving.

Ever faithful.

It was a great place to start.

fossil butte


PO. LAR. IS. — 4 Comments

  1. I’m so sorry to see you lost your beloved Dally. I will miss the beautiful photos of an extraordinary member of your family. Blessings.

  2. Great photo Carol. What a lovely way to spend time with the Grandkids. Stars not always bright in middle England but we’ve enjoyed some wonderful full moons this year. More to come hopefully. Yippee. Longmire Posse tweeted that 5USA in Uk will be showing S5 this Autumn starting 9/15. It’s been a long wait.

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