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This summer is FULL of surprises!

I went to let my chickens out yesterday morning.  There was a hen sitting in the corner, which was WEIRD.  I was trying to get the kittens out of the coop… the little buggers have taken to it since I’ve locked them out of my studio.  (My studio was beginning to STINK)

I moved a bit closer to the hen, as she rose, SOMETHING peeked out from underneath her.

Well, golly gee!



Aside from technicalities… She’s obviously been setting on a nest out of the coop somewhere… somewhere SAFE from ornery dogs and inquisitive kittens.  But, she’s a good momma, and brought them home to be safe.  I quickly kicked the cats and other chickens out of the coop, gave them food and water, and headed to work.  Later, Tess told me there are 11 (ELEVEN!) baby chicks, including two black ones.

I imagine the other hens may have had a hand in this as well, since there are a bit of differences in coloring… I imagine the black came from Spot’s daddy.  Time will tell.

I never thought it’d be one of my Brown Leghorns to go broody, but she’s One Tough Mama and Very Protective.

They are still in the coop, but separated from the other chickens and safe from the kittens until they get a bit bigger and a bit faster and a bit wiser!  Any tips or hints about chicks in a coop would be welcome…




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  1. Mama Hen will die to protect her chicks. We haven’t ever separated ours and Mama has always kept the other adults away. Enjoy watching Mama teach the babies how to be chicks!

  2. The other hens won’t bother them if they know what’s good for them, by the looks of mama! lol If they’re in the same coop, albeit separated, they should hopefully integrate well when the time comes. ELEVEN! Nice! Mama looks plenty fierce enough to take on all comers. My Dad always said a mama hen was the best kind of hen to teach dogs and cats (and other inquisitive beasts) respect for hens.. lol This year I found it’s also true of a frustrated broody hen kicked off the nest. We had two here at my sister’s and wow were they cranky for a few days when they were kicked off the nests. No room for chicks though.

  3. Your mama hen is beautiful! (And she looks a bit fierce, so I’ll bet she’ll take good care of the chicks.) It’ll be fun to see what the babies look like as they mature! You have had some wonderful surprises this summer, haven’t you? Very Cool!

  4. I don’t think the other chickens will bother them. I just had a hatch of ducklings and they are with the other ducks. Kittens won’t either, because the mommy chicken will teach them why not Enjoy!!! I know the grandchildren will.

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