That Barn Again

Wooohoooo, a day to play… at Born in a Barn over by Sheridan!

Born in a Barn

I’ve gone many times to this event, and have enjoyed them all… For someone that doesn’t like to “shop”, I can spend all day at things like this… It’s a real Pinterest party full of talented people and their crafts.


My favorites???

Jewelry from Wyoming Custom Designs… yes, I bought a necklace… no, she doesn’t have a website.

Metal benches with wool padded tops and multiple drawers (no, I didn’t buy one).  They also had some very cool lights from ropes and old pieces of machinery and Edison style bulbs… (no, I didn’t buy one of those either).  Wish I could remember their name…

Tons of cool photos from Stacey Ellenwood Photography... she and I have a lot in common!

It’s a fun atmosphere…complete with chickens…




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  1. Looks a great day out, full of inspiration for that crafting gift you have. Is your mind still ‘busy’ thinking about what you could do! !!!!!

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