#TBT: Sex in the Country, Revisited

So, it’s been quiet and just “different” without Dally around.  As her Guard Dog position warranted, she was Number One Barker to alert me when anyone drove by… even Brandon… six times a day…

Lucas and Eden are MUCH quieter without her.

You think you see her… running along the fence… sneaking behind the couch in her You Can’t See Me Mode… laying in the corner…

It’s sad, but we shared so many good times together, too.

When it came time to think of this week’s #tbt, I knew it was going to be about Dally.  While there are many shared memories in Dally’s life… there was one that just repeatedly cracked me up.  It was when I was searching for her first boyfriend… and I wrote about that in Passing Inspection.

The next day I wrote “Sex in the Country“.  Now, back then, “Sex in the City” was kinda big on tv, though I’ve never seen an episode, I knew about it, and thought, well… there’s an entirely different perspective when it’s “Sex in the Country”.  Animals, y’know.

And the entire epic adventure… driving to Nebraska with my dog to meet up with a guy I’d only spoken to on the phone just to let our dogs do what dogs wanna do… right there by the side of the highway…

Well… it just makes me laugh… and laughter is a good thing when you are missing someone you love.

Please read both Passing Inspection and Sex in the Country.  They’re good for a giggle and a good memory…


#TBT: Sex in the Country, Revisited — 7 Comments

  1. I don’t think I was reading your blog then or else I have a really poor memory ;-). What was the outcome of this meeting? (or where can I read about it?) Memories are wonderful and help so much.

  2. :-)It was fun re-reading those other posts. But I, too, have been thinking about you in your loss, and do share in your sorrow. TC

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