Rain Days



Lots of it.  An inch and a half as of this writing… which is great moisture for a dry steppe country like Wyoming.

Rain days are vacation days for ranchers… go to town on a rainy day, and you’ll see your neighbors.  We were going to be prepping for preg testing on Saturday… but when the mountains are socked in, with rain at our elevation, there’s probably snow up at the mountain pasture.  There’s no working up there simply because you can’t get there.

So, off to Cody we go… to buy supplies for another big project… so that when everything dries out, we will be prepared to go back to work.

Photo is from a few days ago…



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  1. Those “vacation days” of shopping and doing errands away from home are often more tiring that a full day of work. And it’s like heaven when I get back to my own nest….aaah…….

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