Enter Freeze Warnings

Blessed by rain… And now enter the cold front and freeze warnings!  There is snow on the mountain.

My tomatoes are covered, the ripe ones harvested… My windows are steamed from the heat of my salsa making endeavours.

My Black Prince tomatoes are delicious, but their black color looks “off” when made into salsa… I have so many, I’ll have to try it anyway.  I recommend this variety for fresh eating!  I only had Early Girls as my other tomatoes… no Cherokee Purples… No Brandywine… Nuthin’.

Gotta put these tomatoes in jars… the chickens have had too many of them as it is!

mahogany canyon(photo from last week…)


Enter Freeze Warnings — 4 Comments

  1. Looks like a gravel or dirt road but with the snow poles, to guide
    the snow plow driver and a road sign in the distance. Stop Sign ?
    Sharp road curve sign ? Is this the road you take to Ten Sleep ?

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