28 pints of salsa later (plus 3 pints of tomato sauce)… I’m done.

Except for all those tomatoes on the vine under the big blue tarp… ugh.  I’m almost to the point of letting the frost take them… but I know I will just can some plain ol’ tomatoes when they’re ripe.

But not today!

We’ve had a birthday party for Quinlan… and I watched Lorelei for a while… and I’ve done laundry and whatever else jumped in front of me.  Totally forgot to blog last night!

Woke early to the dogs barking at the raccoon they’d “treed” in a pipe.  Grabbed my .22 and boots and spotlight and wandered out at 5 am… to hear the growl of the coon, barking of the dogs, elk bugling in our fields, Spot crowing in the coop, and a skunk giving his silent opinion.  The coon lucked out by hiding somewhere I couldn’t shoot.  I tied up Eden.  I opened the door to let Lucas back inside.  Took a deep breath and marveled at the stars. Smiled at the grunts of the elk. Stepped inside to the warmth and “peace” of my country life… and the scent of salsa in the kitchen.



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  1. Oh, how I wish we could take out a .22 to deal with the racoons. But, alas, we live in suburbia and the firing of a rifle would be frowned upon. BUT, I HATE racoons.

    Love that mama and baby, though.

  2. Carol. you said you forgot to do blog. Well there are times when other things need to be done and some just have to wait. It is ok. Sharon Drake. south central Kansas

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