Two months of drought… and now rainstorm after rainstorm!

1.92″ and all of that in the past few days.

I set out my GoPro… the skies were dramatic and a storm was blowing in.  Perfect for a time lapse.  But once again, my memory fails me and I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how to download the video.

I swear – I should pitch this thing out the window and be glad to never see another one.

We were at a store just the other day, where they had a display for GoPro and I told the salesman how I hated mine, that I cussed at mine QUITE A GREAT DEAL… and he laughed… but I see the new ones actually have screens… which may help me… but I have soooo much invested in mine.  I really thought I’d love it.

Not so much.

Sooooooooooo… the cool little time lapse I had planned is buried on my GoPro…

Here’s a photo from a camera I know how to use!

bear butteSo… anyone like me and see the bear’s head at the top of the cliff on the right???  The white mark (aka bird poop) is under his eye…


Rainstorm — 7 Comments

  1. Please don’t take offense if you’ve done this until your eyes bleed–but have you googled “how to download go pro video”? I think people are amazingly generous, spending valuable time posting their knowledge and expertise on the web!

  2. Gadgets are wonderful when they work, aren’t they? And when they don’t they waste more time than you can afford.

    I like the bear. Maybe he’s crying about all the rain.

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