Roadtrip: Sea Glass

When we went sailing, I managed a bit of beachcombing… Looking for seashells for the grandkids and sea glass for myself.  I found many great whelks and was thrilled with my prizes.  I stuffed them in my treasure net and brought them home.  Imagine my surprise later when the net started crawling across the tabletop!

I thought I had looked to see if they had any inhabitants, but they were better at hiding than I expected.  I returned them to the ocean, but now was short gifts for the grandkids.  Today, my sister and I had thought we might take out the kayak, but it had turned into a blustery day.  Beachcombing appeared on our schedule!

The beach was a good place for sea glass… But most of it was not quite finished with its “polish”.


Every seashell except the oysters had an occupant today as well…

I was happy with today’s haul… But I wouldn’t mind going back!

Sea glass


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