Roadtrip: Day Off

Some days, even on vacation, you have to stop and clean house… And laundry.  And buy something to eat…

We took off for Port Lavaca by way of Seadrift, a tiny community suffering from  the results of Hurricane Harvey.  We found six nice ladies running a donation site for their little town.  Headed up by Sylvia, these volunteers had clothing, water, food, and personal items.  Sylvia had lost her own home, another had lost the roof on her house, and here they were, working for the betterment of their community.

Before we headed down to Texas, I had stopped at Wyoming Sugar Company and asked if they might like to send some down for hurricane relief.  They immediately gave me 100 pounds of sugar for free.  I swung by the Big Horn Co-op to see if they had some locally grown pinto beans.  You bet!  Another hundred pounds went in the back of our pickup.

When I found Sylvia and her crew, I knew I’d found the perfect spot for my food donations.

True, it may not look like much, but you couldn’t be any closer to the people who need it, than this.

A great big THANK YOU to Wyoming Sugar and Big Horn Co-op!  And thanks to Sylvia (in the pink hat) and her crew for getting it to the people who need it most!

(Follow them on Facebook at Seadrift’s Treasure Chest.  Right now they could use personal care items… And fire ant poison and flea killer that have taken over damaged houses)


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  2. So good to have positive news. Of those thinking of others before themselves. Well done Carol on getting the sugar and beans. No hurricanes in middle England, but sadly a great need for local food banks throughout our country.

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