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Well, my little project started about a year ago, when I bought the landscape bricks on sale.  It was too late in the year for yard work and then all summer I’ve looked at the pile and kept thinking “someday”.

Well, “someday” finally came along and I set the bricks under one of my big cottonwoods.  For some reason, perhaps a layer of gypsum beneath the soil, the roots of these cottonwoods break the surface instead of plunging deep for water.  You can’t mow under the tree without striking a root, and you have to hand trim as the dirt continues to rise along the base of the tree.  It’s not very pretty.

I had decided to hugelkultur underneath, although I’d use bricks for edging instead of logs.  This bed will be my newest place for compost.  My first hugelkultur bed and its extension have wonderful black compost, and I hope this flower bed eventually will too!  It has a layer of grass already, and there’s plenty of leaves on my lawn for the next layer.

I was at a loss for what to do next to the chainlink… and, so, I did nothing.  We will see how THAT works!

I do feel a bit of accomplishment and am free from the guilt of looking at an unfinished project!flowerbedflowerbed



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  1. We have a big cottonwood tree in our backyard and it’s roots have protruded above ground also. One day when out in the backyard playing with my grandsons, one of them pointed and told me in a frustrated tone, “Gramma, you need to take these “logs” out!” ;-}

  2. I made a low row (wall?) of medium sized river rock along a chainlink fence and it held in the dirt and mulch and looked nice against the fence.

    • One hope when I win the lottery… is that this wobbly chain link can be replaced! Or maybe next summer I can do something like you suggest. The tree roots are in the way for a level wall with landscape bricks.

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