It’s time to bring the cows down off of our mid-range Mesa Pasture before this next snowstorm hits.  Yesterday they brought some from a different pasture to this one, but today we take them all the rest of the way.

Along for the ride?  Quinlan!  Yup, he’s riding one of the little ponies.


Also there… Eden!  She was thrilled to go as well, but forced to ride in the back of the pickup because she has rolled in something dead AGAIN.  Stinking dog…


More cow work tomorrow…


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  1. When I grow up I want’a be a cowboy, I’m 70 now,so better get to do’n it!!

    • Me too!! All my life and I just turned 71! I watch a lot of westerns…been to a working Dude ranch twice…and got some western clothes for fun (hat, fringed jacket, boots). I wanna horse but live in the suburbs. Don’t we just love this blog for our “western fix?” 🙂

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