#TBT: Homestead Photo

No Date, No Names, No Location


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  1. The first thought that jumps to mind for me is where the Spring Creek road crosses Otter Creek. I think it was called the Buckle Place? It reminds me of that view, looking south…. minus the trees that are there noe.

  2. I look at these old pics you post as puzzles Carol. What do we see or not see that might help figure them out. I’m not telepathic so I can’t help with the names. We’ll assume the location is Wyoming, some high plains area and not the mountains and given where you are, assuming the picture is semi-local, somewhere between the Red Desert and the Montana line.

    What we don’t see:
    – Power Lines, for sure means before 1930 and as rural and undeveloped as the land, looks probably before 1920.
    – A driveway or even a wagon two track. Might be in the draw behind the house but my guess is that’s where their water was and you wouldn’t put your road down in something you have to climb out of in the winter or near your water supply.
    – Any form of cars or trucks, very likely means before 1920.

    What we do see:
    – Metal stove pipe in the bunkhouse/barn, common from the 1880’s on
    – Very little finished lumber, barger boards on the roof appears to be all there is so again, pre 1920.
    – People’s clothing, hard to see much detail, even the expanded picture, but the lady’s dress does have a Victorian looking neckline. Harder to tell much about the men’s clothing/style or the horses’ tack.
    – Windows, look to be late Victorian double hung style (I looked them up on the Internet, it Must Be True :-), which means between 1880 and 1920.

    My guess would be the picture was taken right around 1900, and well before 1920.

    Thnx, it was fun and I now know more about Victorian style windows than I will ever be able to put to good use…


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