It seems to be a pretty slow time for me… There’s not a lot of work they need me for right now.  The guys are working on and off on a pipeline… is there a break, why don’t they have water here, is the storage tank full, what if we do this… all sorts of questions that inspire me to have the ultimate blank look on my face.

I’m not mechanical.  I’m not hydrological… I know that’s not a thing, but flowing water in pipelines can be kind of tricky… and I’m not your person for that duty.

I *can* be irritated that our huge generator that we use on the well was stolen.  We leave it in place… I mean, it’s huge, and heavy.  When the guys went out to get the water started again, after being off all summer, it was gone.  There’s no telling when it was stolen.  We (all the ranchers that use this grazing allotment) are going to have to pitch in and buy another one, because there’s some jerks out there, who helped themselves to our equipment.  I say jerks because… it’s BIG and HEAVY… not a one man job… and I hope you pulled some muscles lifting that thing.

OK, no I don’t.  My mother’s voice is echoing in my head once again.  So I will say to those jerks, uh, guys… Bless Your Hearts… I hope you can really use our generator to do good works…

and now…



Beauty Pic!




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  1. Carol, that is an absolutely beautiful photo! Well done! So sorry about the theft–durn thiefs! I’ll say that for you so you won’t have to! Hee Hee!

  2. It never fails to amaze me that there are people like that. Well, here’s hoping they really, really needed it, which I guess is possible. Unlike the jerks who stole all four fenders off my husband’s VW Beetle. I’m with you – trying to think kindly, but it can be hard at times.

  3. Pretty “low down” to steal a valuable piece of ranch equipment. I am so sorry this happened. Maybe you need to have a Great Pyrenees dog patrolling all night. Hope all this works out for you soon. Your corral picture with the light dusting of snow is a prize-winning (i.e. calendar) shot!

  4. You’re uncle Robert, tongue in cheek, always said you can say anything bad about anybody if you end the sentence with “Bless her/his heart!”

  5. It was the Nicoll boys.
    They sabotaged our windmill, stole our generator, rammed our bull, cut our cattle off water (lost one cow) and connected one of our gates to a truck and ripped it down.
    Yup, it’s still the wild west down in Arizona.

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