There may be ONE drawback to having grandkids so close…

And, granted, it may not be their fault… but they tend to be germbuckets, hauling home various bugs.  Not the kind with six legs either.

I think I’m over it… but Vernon continues to suffer.

Not bad enough that he couldn’t go out and dig up a broken waterline.  He just sent Brandon in the hole to do the soggy, mucky repair job!

Oh, well… I love my little germbuckets…




Germbuckets — 7 Comments

  1. The worst cold I ever had was the one I got from my oldest grandson shortly after he started that germ incubator known as daycare. Missed an entire week of work, a first for me.

  2. OSHA says if you slop the banks to an approved angle,no shoring needed, but better to be safe than sorry-

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