Tree Adventure

Vernon declared another day off, and we and Daniel, Tess, and kids headed to the mountain in search of a Christmas tree.  It’s early for us to be putting up our tree, but, gee, I do believe Tess will be busy here pretty soon!

It is fairly amazing that we can still make it clear up to the mountain pasture.  Of course, the guys are used to driving their pickups in rough conditions… I dare say there are plenty of folks out there who *wouldn’t* have made it all of the way.  And, truth be told, we did get stuck, but with minimal fuss, Daniel had us out in no time.

We off-roaded back to what we call the Bar C.  When I say off-road, I do mean it… and not to mean driving on the two-tracks we call roads.  The road is often the first thing drifted in, so there’s less snow and more traction in the grass and sagebrush.

Finally in our spot, we unloaded, amazed at the temperature of 47˚ and the lack of wind.  It was perfect as we traipsed through the snow…

Checking the various pines and firs, discarding this one and that one, watching Jaxon “cut down” his own branch with his chain saw… It couldn’t have been more perfect.

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There may have been a rough spot on the way out, but, hey, it adds to the adventure!


Tree Adventure — 7 Comments

  1. Wonderful photos, yesterday and today!! And this tree is really a beauty.
    I’m sure there will be a nice assortment of “home-made” ornaments by the little ones this year.

  2. Beautiful tree; almost as beautiful of Tess! I can see the happiness radiating from all of you. Happy after-Thanksgiving and before-Christmas!

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