Got It

As usual, we incorporated a bit of work into our “day off” of Christmas tree hunting.

We have what we call a “lay-down fence” in a few places around our pasture.  These are the spots that will grow huge snowdrifts over the winter.  The snow will cover the entire fence and the weight of the snow would break the barbed wire if left standing normally.

I’ve written about it here if you like to see the technical side of it.

Jaxon and I were assigned a short stretch in the horse pasture.  After the typical (grand)parental warning of Don’t Fall Into the Barbed Wire Fence… I turned him loose, helping him only when necessary.


He will be doing this job for at least a dozen more years, if not for the rest of his life… And he took to it like the methodical trooper that he is, listing “stay, stay, post” as he walked along, then lifting the keeper off of the post wires in order.  Heaven forbid if I placed the wire when released *above* instead of *below* the staples.  Not that it really matters, but he’s very focused on the proper steps!


By jove, I think he’s got it!




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