Really, Truly


I can feel my legs.
I mean, I can FEEL my legs… every muscle.
We went to the mountain to let the fence down.  Before I moved here, I’d never heard of doing this.  As the winter snows begin to drift, the barbed wire fences are covered in heavy snow.  The weight of snow will break the wires UNLESS you lay your fence down.
So, in the places where the snow really drifts, the fence posts have a special set-up.
Two staples are nailed into the post about 1/2  inch apart, leaving enough room for the barbed wire to fit in between.  The wire is pushed next to the post, and another fence staple is slid into the two, holding the wire in place.
This time of year, we pull the holding staple, and let the fence wires and stays lean down to the ground.
The trouble this time of year is the snow has already begun to drift… making walking around to do this, a chore.
That’s why my little jaunt of a couple of miles in hard compacted snow one step and soft mushy snow the next step is now fully apparent in my leg muscles!
Don’t believe this particular photo… there WAS snow along the fenceline… really, truly!
October 13, 2008   No entry.


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