I jumped in with Brandon to help with his mountain project.  He’s rebuilding a section of our mountain fence infamous for being a pain with its lay down section.  We’ve talked lay down fencing before… you can read some here and here as well as probably some other places too!

There’s old cedar posts and older wire…


And a few newer ones as a stop gap measure… but Brandon’s putting in the posts on the right.

My job was to help line them up.  We like straight fences on this outfit!  Unfortunately, Mother Earth throws rocks in the way on occasion, and this stretch has some doozies.  There may be slight variations due to rocks!

I tried my best to eyeball them in line…  the rest of the time I was screwing in these cool little doohickeys that replace our lay down double staple technique.

Screwing them into the post will make them stouter and more permanent than two fence staples only partially nailed in.  I like them!

The best part of the day?  We were rained out!  Yes, like actual drops from the sky!  Yay for rain!


Rebuilding — 8 Comments

  1. Carol–explain the lie down thing–is it for the cows to step over or what. I like the doohickeys–never saw anything like that–might work on our fences in Kansas–sure would make stretching fence easier

  2. Hard work! I checked out the 2016 Craig Johnson book this morning..”The Highway”…I’m sure you must have read it!

  3. Those Doohickeys are the neatest things! hope you had a power tool to install’em- new fences are good, but just not the character of old cedar posts-

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