Calendar Promise

The guys do various projects according to the weather and if it froze the night before.  We are in that uncertain state where you can go anywhere in your pickup so long as the ground remains frozen.  If or when it warms up enough to thaw, the roads turn into a slimy mess that will slide you into the closest barrow ditch, will turn a tiny incline into the Tetons, or will just gunk up your tires so thick that traction is a fantasy.

Their heaviest or long distance work comes first thing in the morning.  I’m still sitting here, coffee cup in hand, trying to finish up my Red Dirt Calendar.

I swear every year I’m going to get this done in October, and save my favorite photos in a special folder… But I say that in December when I’m cruising through my 40,000 photos!

Then I forget until next year.

Nevertheless, I only need to choose a few more photos, and my 2018 calendar will be complete and ready for purchase off of  I will post the true link as soon as I’ve finished.

I promise.


(Oh, hey, it’s way past time for another Question and Answer post… Got a question?  Post it in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer them in a few days.)


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