Ha!  Finally!

I *did* accomplish something today!

I changed up some photos on my calendar at the last minute (thank you, Facebook followers!), and my 2018 calendar is now up for sale on lulu.com.  Buy it using this link.

They will print it and mail it directly to you.

See that teeny tiny “preview” under the calendar cover?  Click on it and you’ll see all of the photos, just in case you want to see if one of your favorites made it.  There are photos on all major American holidays as well… and, of course, my one silly addition of a photo on September 19th, “Talk Like a Pirate Day”!

Hey, we all need a smile now and then!

Thanks for buying my calendar, I appreciate your support.  Please like, share, retweet, and talk it up to your little heart’s content… I do have some vet bills to pay!  😉


Time for another Question and Answer Post… Just ask away in the comment section, and I’ll pull them together for a post soon.


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