More Work

I’m working more at the library.  Its construction is moving right along, and we have many challenges to meet.

We’re continuing the After the Bell program, though I’ve backed off on the detailed activities and settled for chess tournaments and the like!

It is the future planning that is getting to us now… Will the adult nonfiction fit along the wall?  Do we have the needed shelving?  We bought some used shelving that is shorter than much of our present stuff, but we need to figure linear feet of shelving, and sight lines, and dead space and will the grey shelving and the yellow fit together?

(My wish for repainting of our five different colors of shelving ain’t gonna happen… Much less our dream of all new pretty shelving!)

It’s enough to drive us crazy, and I woke up thinking of “will the science fiction section fit on the dead space wall?”


No, this isn’t ranchlife, but it’s my life!


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  1. Carol,
    Like you I often wake up mulling over a problem. For me focusing on something right before I go to sleep is oftentimes a great way to problem solve. I seem to take a 360 degree look at the options while I’m drifting off to sleep and sometimes get lucky and wake up with the most workable approach, so then it’s a positive thing.

  2. Gosh what a lot of decisions to make. It’s hard to know what will fit when the shelving is still to be put in place. Good organisational skills and adjusting as you go along will win the day. You will all be so pleased to see all the books in that extra space.

  3. Whew, it does sound complicated and lots of decisions to make. But how great will it be to have an expanded and well planned library! Good luck and good building to all of you there.

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