Big Trails Natural Beef

For the past few years, Brandon and Megan have owned Big Trails Natural Beef.  Their small, personal herd has provided them with an outlet for grass fed and grass finished beef.  They deliver locally when the beef is processed.  Feel free to follow them on Facebook!

Recently, they also took the leap into a website and…. Dah dah dah… A blog as well!  (Now where did they get THAT idea?).  They are planning to blog once a week.

I’d love it if you’d venture over and check out their site and blog.  While they can only sell their beef locally, (within the state of Wyoming), you might find the information intriguing enough to search out your local grass fed/grass finished beef provider.



Big Trails Natural Beef — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve recently moved to Wyoming and am very happy to have already sent an email inquiring about a half beef order. So glad you shared this info with your readers! I started reading your blog last spring when we had decided to move to Wyoming, and always enjoy it. Thanks!

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