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As part of my ten year celebration, here’s an overview of my favorite posts…  Now maybe I should qualify that…

These are definitely NOT the ones with the biggest hits or comments, but the ones I love to reread myself.  They aren’t my favorite photos, or my favorite videos, or even my humorous ones!  Those can appear in the coming days.

These posts are the ones where I actually try to WRITE, either because there was no photo and I tried to paint you a picture with words, or the situation was simply full of experience.

Here’s one when the weather and cowboying collide entitled “Work Myself Warm”.

“Time To Be A Cowboy” again finds me on the trail with cattle…

And yet again, one of those fleeting moments you have as you ride.  “Tucked In”

Not all of my favorites are about cowboying… although there are more… and I tend to like them all.

This post appeared months after my mom’s death, I think the one and only peek I gave into that period of time.  It makes me cry.  “Tiny Smile”

And to lift you back up… “Fleeting Memory”.

I definitely love these posts and the others like them.  Creative writing posts, I should call them!  I hope you like them as well!


Favorite Posts — 3 Comments

  1. Enjoyed reading all these past posts. They confirm that you also are a “serious” writer when you want to be. Maybe you should have one day a month and call is “Story-telling” …something like that where you elaborate with your writing skills. Just a thought!

  2. CAROL, thank you for sharing your life. You are encouraging to the other ranch and farm gals and guys, I am sure. It must take a lot of time to post. You live in a beautiful area. Thank you for showing it. Your Family has a special history and you tell it so your family will know how the life was before them. Bless you all. Sharon Drake. South central Kansas

  3. Loved reading these again. My favourite ‘story’ was when you were up on the roof (garage, studio, I’m not sure). No one was around and I think you needed something to complete the job – but that meant getting off the roof. I did smile a lot and sent a link to several friends so they could also enjoy your story.

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