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Let’s carry on with the ten year celebration with a look at videos.  I post all of my videos over on vimeo.com instead of youtube.  Yes, I know, people always go to youtube, but I like the quality of videos on vimeo.

159 videos of dogs, cattle, bees, scenery, brandings, Longmire Days, solar eclipse, time lapse, and family.


On the cuteness level… Quinlan singing God Bless America… And Jaxon getting a drink.

Longmire Days 2013 for personal fun…

For educational purposes… PAP Testing (Pulmonary Arterial Pressure)

Reader’s favorite is probably this one… A Calf is Born.

The only time I got near any controversy… but I just love this video because of Elsa and Dally!

Big SQUEEEEEEEE on this one!

The award winning bald eagle video

This one, because this is what we do as a family… Sorting Pairs out of the Herd

Normally, I would list my Red Dirt In My Soul book video from our centennial party, but actually this song means just as much to me…

Mountain Trail is my favorite cow moving video… and I have lots of those!

By far, the guys’ favorites… Sawmill and To the Rescue.

And my very first video way back in 2009… Lucas as Therapy Dog.


Favorite Videos — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, I have “videos” in my mind from the 50’s & 60’s growing up on our central Iowa farm!

  2. Carol!!! I was mesmerized by the buffalo skull unearthing. Such patience required. Lucky you…what a find! Thanks for sharing that video again for newer readers like myself.

  3. Thanks Carol. I will enjoy revisiting theses. Might be my first visit for some. 4pm and still light in Middle England. With only 6 snowdrops out (the rest must still be hiding) a reminder that Spring will be coming. Just not yet.

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