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OK.  On paper this looks like a great idea.  What are your favorite pics from ten years of blogging???

It’s impossible!  I figure I have well over 60,000 photos.  Obviously, I don’t hit the delete button enough.

Put yourself in my place.  I’m trying to show how… for instance, a prolapsed heifer is treated.  I have to think of you nice people… who don’t live on ranches or perhaps you did long ago… whatever… and so my photos need to show you the poor little heifer… the chute… the headcatch… and yes, I have photographed and posted pics of the prolapse itself!  That’s easily ten photos to maybe capture the story… then there’s all the blurry ones because the animal moved, or I moved.  There are photos with bad lighting with good stories… photos entirely crooked (anyone remember my OOPE series?)…  just simply BAD photos.  I have LOTS of photos.

I like pretty photos.  That’s why “Wordless Wednesday” is one of my favorite things to do.  I get to choose a weekly favorite to share with you.  Those also have morphed into Wordless Wednesday puzzles… a jigsaw puzzle you can put together at your leisure.  A great cognitive/mind builder that will take you 10-15 minutes to complete.

I thought about tonight’s topic… and I thought I’d cruise through my calendar photos.  (You do know I put out a calendar every year???  Buy yours here!)  I could just pick from those.  Well, honestly, some of my favorites don’t make the calendar!!!!  I mean, really.  Lucas could have his own calendar every year because he is a gorgeous dog!

The other thing I notice while scrolling through my blog… I do believe my photography has improved over the years.  The quality of my cameras has definitely changed from my 2.1 megapixel camera that I shot all those OOPE pics with, to my current 20.3!!!

There’s the photo of Lucas that won me the huge BlogHer award.

There’s the ones in RFD-TV magazine, Wyoming Livestock Roundup, Working Ranch Magazine, and Beef Magazine.  Oh, and don’t forget the English Shepherd Club’s calendar!

I will recommend this… look up to the top of the page and find the Wordless Wednesday tab.  Click on it.  Right there you will find 78 pages of Wordless Wednesday posts. They will show you my favorite photos from March 2009 when I posted this as my first WW entry.

Entitled “Snug as a Bug”… and he was.  He does this still.  I’ve seen the snow deeper on him as well, the snow avalanching off of his thick fur as he stands.  By the way… someone stole this and put it with others to create one of those stupid “If you’re cold, they’re cold” posters without my permission.  Boy, that made me mad.  This dog has a well insulated doghouse with a heating pad in one end.  He doesn’t use it.  He could stay in the house if he wanted to (and he does more and more as age has crept up on him) but sometimes it’s too flippin’ hot in here!  Believe me.  He’s fine.

Anyway… check out those WW posts and let me know which one is YOUR favorite!


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  1. I love all your pictures of dogs and beautiful Wyoming.Oh, and cows and calves too. My all time favorite picture of yours is the one with Lucas Dalley and Elsa by the red building. I love it because their Emma’s family. In that way I feel connected to the picture.

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