Be Warned

Today started as a normal day… a little laundry and dishes… a tad bit of Christmas music as I started to pull out some Christmas decorations.  I hung the garland and lights on my front pole fence.  Everything is starting to look “Merry and Bright”!

Then Vernon returned from the badlands with a prolapsed cow.  One of our neighbors had spotted her yesterday and called us last night.  Talk about going from cheery to yeech! in a moment!  I will share a couple of photos here at the end, so if you are squeemish… leave now.  There is nothing delicate or appealing about a prolapse.  For those of you heading towards your dictionary, I’ll save you a trip.  A prolapse is when the uterus or vagina comes outside of the poor cow!  Yuk, Yeech, Ick, Ooooh, Bleech.  This cow is 11 years old, going into her last trimester, and for some unknown reason, decided to prolapse.  This doesn’t happen often, thank goodness, and when it does, we’re sure to send her to the sale barn, if she manages to make it past the prolapse.  This is something you don’t want to repeat!  Often we handle this by ourselves without veterinary help.  It is a matter of muscle.  You literally have to shove it all back inside her.  This is made doubly difficult because the cow in her ignorance is pushing back at you! Have you left yet?? I’m trying not to make this too graphic, but if you want to know about ranchlife, you need to know the bad with the good!  We put her in a chute.  Vernon gloved up, washed her “insides” with disinfectant and water, and started shoving.  And shoving.  And shoving.  Unfortunately, he made no progress.  On “good” prolapses, you can get it all shoved back inside, and then you sew her shut.  This isn’t one of those times.  We’ll have to take her to the vet and see what he can do.  I’ll post some pictures now… Leave now, or I guarantee you’ll be saying “Eeeeew!”

The good end… poor sweetie…













The bad end… poor sweetie…













Vernon tries to help… poor sweetie…













She waits for a trip to the vet… poor sweetie!



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