I feel bad for you… perhaps I shouldn’t have posted that nasty photo of the prolapse… then again, if you desire to live in the Far Far West, you’d better get tough!  I admit, I still go “Eeeew!”, I just have to put that aside and try to help with whatever we are working on!

If I wanted to really disgust you, I have pictures somewhere of cancer eyed cows and some ishy abscesses…  What has always bothered me the most is pulling warts out of cows’ ears, don’t know why, it’s not bloody or smelly, it’s just the sensation of peeling skin.  It has been the only thing that made me tell Vernon that I never read the part in our marriage license that said I had to pull humongous warts out of cows’ ears!  I really hate it!
I’ll cut you some slack, I certainly don’t want to lose any readers!  So, today I snapped a few pretty shots just to heal your soul and make you wanna


Does that help?

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