Sandhill Balance Beam

It almost looks like these sandhill cranes are walking along the top of my fence… but they’re just on the high field across the draw from my fence.  Good thing I took this pic yesterday… today it’s blizzard conditions… I imagine they’re hiding in some brush tonight for protection from the storm!


Sandhill Balance Beam — 8 Comments

  1. Been deep into wilderness areas (every mile you go in cuts the number of people you see in half) when flocks of them have flown over me. Something about their voices and the sound(s) of their wings that stands the hair on your body up and gives you a feeling of absolute solitude in Nature…

    Then again have come across great gaggles of them on the ground around Henry’s Lake near West Yellowstone and the feeling is more one of a feathered ‘block party’…

    Just wonderful birds in my book…


  2. Another lucky photo! I hope they took cover during the winds and snow. We
    are having a “high wind warning” tonight which means it’s likely to down some trees and power lines….sort of typical of the variety of weather we get here in Buffalo, NY.

  3. I’m in Southern California so I’ll not say anything about weather except to note that you can send us any spare snow and rain.

    When my girls were small a favorite book was “Cranes in my Corral” about a flock of sandhill cranes. Good memories. Thanks.

  4. I was fortunate to see the sandhill cranes the last time I was in Wyoming, but at a distance. I understand they can grow to be 5 foot tall measuring from the ground to the top of the head. What is the typical size you see there?

  5. Great photo, Carol! Isn’t this spring weather something? I have yet to figure out how to sleep well when these Wyoming winds are howling down through the chimney and ripping around the corner of the house!

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