Easter Fun

Back in the day… I’d lay a trail of candy, which my kids had to follow… at the end would be their Easter baskets.  Then they could go find the eggs!  Well, I decided to do something for the grandkids along those lines.  I came up with a Scavenger Trail.  I handed them a photo of a place just around here close… and told them they had to go as a family team, big brothers had to hold their little sister’s hand <insert eye roll and moaning here>. Once they found that place, there would be another photo to take them to their next stop…

And… they’re off!

Each team had five or six stops.

It wasn’t as hard of a challenge as I thought it might be!  Next year I will have to step up my game!


Easter Fun — 7 Comments

  1. Joe and I did this as well. Started with photo clues, then words, then backward writing, solving math problems (number answers coordinated to letters to solve clues), then actual written codes. Last one (after driver’s licenses) included GPS coordinates around town for clues. Such a blast, but so much work

  2. Oh what fun. Due to our rain the mini eggs were put into poly bags and placed round the garden quickly as the almost 4 year old grandson searched for eggs and chicks in Granddads shed.

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