Yard Work

I spent the entire day replanting parts of my garden that didn’t make it through the hailstorm… and mowing and trimming and weeding and cleaning and watching a bull snake until he left my yard…


sit back, relax, have a cold beverage… and enjoy the beauty of wild blue flax… and red dirt!


Yard Work — 4 Comments

  1. Beautiful country. So is it unusual to have a bull snake in your yard ? Was it seeking the chickens’ eggs ? My dogs will kill snakes, which I prefer they not do, since our area’s snakes are non-poisonous and eat mice and rats.

    • He was just passing through… nothing here to interest him, the chickens are a ways away, though I did once find a bull snake in there too. My dogs wanted to kill him, but I don’t want them doing that, since we have rattlesnakes too. I was happy to see him move on!

    • One of my favorites… and it seems to be everywhere this year! You can’t pick it, the petals fall off instantly…

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