Pretty Girls in Pretty Country

I was privileged to take Lacee’s four year old pics today… and Reagan’s six month ones as well.

It was very difficult to choose my favorites!


Pretty Girls in Pretty Country — 18 Comments

  1. They are all really good…..the baby with a big smile and bow but no hair or teeth is my fav! Where did you find the dresses with BLACK cows on them? Usually the cows are holsteins when you find any fabric with cows on it.

  2. Oh what beautiful photos Carol. Yes, it would be hard to choose just one. Love the cowboy boots and summer dress. Not something I would see in middle England.

  3. Oh, such beautiful girls and such beautiful photos! They must just do your heart in. That second photo.. the boots, the way she’s holding her feet. Too cute! They’re all such pretty pictures though!

  4. Each picture is wonderful…the the pretty girls are so photogenic in their matching colors. The blue sky and flowers are just the right hue to complement so beautifully.

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