Studio Update

I’ve been spending some time out in my studio.  I recently received a mattress for the queen bed frame that’s been out there.  Of course, I just had to buy some new mint green sheets to fit the pillow top style… and add that crazy quilt I had hanging around.  There was plenty of cleaning to do as well… winter mud, dead bugs, cobwebs, and, excuse me if you’re a cat lover… but if I ever decide to let a cat live in my studio again… just shoot me.

No matter that they had a litter box and access to the outside, they still pooped back behind every shelf I have out there.  I have to attack it with “Nature’s Miracle” and a scrub brush and it’s just yuck.  Thankfully it’s working and I will be able to start painting my floor at some point.  All my rugs are having to go to the dump as well.  Cats are banned except for when I’m out there!

This is my newest kitten.  If it can stay away from the dogs, and live long enough, it may get visiting rights to the studio… just to keep the mice nervous!  Right now, it just wants to play with the dogs…


Studio Update — 4 Comments

  1. Yes. Cats are territorial and I suspect that’s why the pooped everywhere. That doesn’t make it smell any better or make it ok. You need to be there when the cat are to establish it as YOUR place, not theirs.

    I like cats, but dogs are better!

    Do you suppose the kitten would like to play with the mice?

  2. I’m with you! I only ‘appreciate’ cats that other people own! Don’t want one or need one. Dogs rule in my world.

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