Life and Work Continue

It was soooo hard to write yesterday’s post, as I’m sure you can realize…

But the outpouring of sympathy for Lucas is amazing.  I’m very glad I got to share him here with you.  Your words mean so much… and I stopped by his grave tonight to tell him about you and your comments…

I may be posting some of my favorite photos of him at the end of the next few posts… because I can.


Of course, life and work continue on at the Greet Ranch…

We recently bled our heifers… it’s an early way to confirm pregnancy so that we know if they caught on the AI.  Brandon has become quite the expert at lifting tails and taking a quick blood sample from the large vein on the underside of the tail.  If the heifer stands relatively still, he can extract a blood sample into the vacuum tubes in about 15 seconds from start to finish.

The sample is then mailed to a lab, where they can tell us quickly which heifers are pregnant.  Brandon has an excellent write up over at his blog.

Jaxon came to help this day… and was, understandably, a bit cautious around the chute.  The heifers are big… and the chute makes a lot of noise, but he really wanted to help.  At first, he’d stretch to hand Uncle Brandon the vacuum tubes.

Then he’d help Aunt Megan encourage them up the alley.

He did well… he’d call out the number of the heifer… although it was usually “forty two six” instead of “four twenty six”… but he’s five… and I could figure it out!

Paperwork seems to be my job…

By the end, Jaxon was an old hand…

And he was very willing to share his experience with Quinlan who showed up at the end.


Four dogs.  Four memories. April 2011.


Life and Work Continue — 9 Comments

  1. Sharon I know how hard it is to put down your pet and coworker. I’ve had to put down my 14 year old Blue Heeler who was my first cow dog and my latest Blue Heeler who was also 14..It wasn’t easy when they have been your cow hand all those years. My first heeler was from Wyoming. But there is always new life to take their place

  2. The photo of the two boys is precious! And I’m glad you have a nice picture of the 4 special Greet Ranch dogs to frame in your studio (maybe?).

  3. Sorry I couldn’t comment yesterday, but when I tried, there were too many tears, both from sympathy for you and memories of those I’ve lost. The only trouble with dogs is that they don’t live long enough, but while they are here they give you everything.
    Loved the pictures of the boys and the help. It’s great that they are willing and able.
    Thanks for the picture at the end. That says it all.

  4. LOVE the photo of the two boys… A lot of life summed up in the photo of the 4 dogs… And if it didn’t hurt so much, it would have been a smaller thing — so how blessed you were!

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