More Water

Vernon and Brandon and Daniel worked on finishing up a water project on our mountain pasture… moving a tank away from the fence where it had raised havoc at various times over the years.  They piped it 500’ away… the length of a big roll of poly pipe!

Actually, Brandon has a great write-up of the process over on his weekly blog at Big Trails Natural Beef.  Click here to go read it.

I’m borrowing one of his photos as well…

All I was doing was cleaning house… this is much more exciting!

(Photo credit: Brandon Greet)


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  1. Carol, I just had lunch with a friend from Laramie who had recently stayed at the Red Reflect Guest
    Ranch in Tensleep, saying the food and accomodations were wonderful. Do you know this place?

  2. We have a mini digger in our yard at the moment. Nothing to do with water. Living halfway up the hills means a sloping garden. We’ve been here 40 years and back then our legs, knees and back moved smoothly!!! Now, not so much, so the digger will level the ground and put a retaining wall in. Yippee, I’ll be able to walk to the top of the garden.

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