Just Don’t Leave Me Alone

Don’t leave me alone, biding my time waiting for the other cowboys to finish riding their loops, when there’s an old cabin nearby and possible arrowheads lying in wait to be found.

I sat on Panama for a while, but when no one appeared quickly, I dismounted, dropped my reins to let him graze and started scanning the ground.

Nothing here.

Nothing there.

Then a bit of a glass bottle caught my eye.  It looked complete.  Was it purple? Without thinking I reached down to brush some dirt back away from it.

Stupid move.


See? You knew I shouldn’t do that… why didn’t I think fast enough?

I sliced the fire out of my fingertip!  And, boy, did it bleed.

Dumb.  Dumb.  Dumb.

And it kinda cut down on my photography!

Just goes to show… still living and learning… just don’t leave me alone near old cabins!



Just Don’t Leave Me Alone — 15 Comments

  1. P.S. I forgot to say that I was sorry that you cut your finger–Ouch! I hope it is healing up okay and the soreness has improved. It’s a nuisance to have a wound on your busy hands, I’m sure.

  2. That is a beautiful photo and a really cool old log house. What does look like a figure in the “window” on the right front of the cabin (spooky-looking!) is seen to just be a shadow after I enlarged the photo by clicking on it. I felt a good deal better after seeing that it was not a spook from the past!! ;-}

  3. Hope your finger does not infected. After reading the comments I looked again and yes, there is a ghost of a man on the right side of the porch. What was there that created the image ?

  4. Next time maybe use a stick to poke rather than your finger!!! This is said from one Nanny who miss judged the rocking chair foot and broke a blood vessel that ended with a very colourful foot. Then the bruising moved to my toes!!! Hope your finger is healing well.

  5. Ouch! Hope you are a fast healer. Who could resist digging for treasure around that old
    cabin. Did you bring home the old bottle?

  6. I found the ghost! Way back in the trees to the R. But it looks more like
    a statue of a man. Hope your finger is healing OK.

  7. There’s a ghost standing in the cabin by the way … slightly to right side of the ‘porch.’ Look for yourself but don’t go over there scraping around again without the first aid kit.

  8. That’s the cabin from last weeks picture, I sent the pic. to my older daughter, their looking for a new home!!

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