So Long, Girls

Daniel pitched some hay for the heifers, and we jumped on four wheelers to bring them in from the surrounding fields.  These heifers will go the sale barn and hopefully find good homes somewhere else as replacements.  They didn’t make the cut here, but maybe they’ll work on another place.

I always feel bad for these girls that didn’t make the “team”… sometime in my past, I guess I could relate to that!  They’re a good looking bunch that will help someone in their program.  So long, girls!


So Long, Girls — 2 Comments

  1. I love the last photo. A sort of ‘last look’ at where I’ve been before moving on to a new home. No snow yet in middle Englad. Warmest start to December in years.

  2. not only red dirt in your soul, but red dirt in the cattle yard & a darn nice look’n red barn! Those heifers should make someone a fine addition to their herd!

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