Johnny and I met up to go through some things in his basement… and he gave me some treasures!

I was very excited to receive these two plates…

After minimal internet search, I found them to be Fred Roberts grill plates from the 1940’s or 1950’s.  I initially thought them to be children’s plates, but they are more along the lines of “keeping your beans from soaking into your dinner roll” plates!

How cool are these?

Then there’s the little family history attached to the back.

Great Aunt Wyoma Pyle was known for labeling her items with fingernail polish.  So when I turned this over to look for a maker’s mark, all I could do was laugh.  She’s been gone for many years, but her fiery spirit lives on!

Now, do I hang these on my kitchen wall, or do I use them?  I can see eight grandkids fighting over who gets to use the cowboy plates!


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  1. Made smile. My mother-in-law too marked her dishes she shared at potlucks and such with her name written in polish. Her name was Zelmarie!

  2. I have to go with the don’t use them crowd. That way they have a much better chance of being part of your family history beyond the current crop of grand kids. However, rather than hang them on the wall (one each way), I would think about putting them in display racks in the center of your table so everyone can see all sides.

    ‘Nuther thought, if you can’t find similar items on ebay/amazon/c’slist, put your crafty self to work on how to make divided plates and paint your own cowboys and brands or even have each child make their own when they’re big enough. Fewer fights and more keep sakes for their cedar chests…

  3. Wow! what a cool vintage treasure, and they look pristine! I can see why it will be a difficult decision to display them or use them since all the little ones will want to use them. My suggestion is to check on e-Bay and add to your collection so you have some to use without using the ones from Johnny.
    (there are several listings now!!) 🙂

  4. I’d vote to hang them on the wall. First because they are so darn cute and unique and WYOMING! This will also protect them from the design fading or from them breaking from regular use. Maybe you can pull one down off the wall for a special occasion, like some little cowboy’s or cowgirl’s birthday!

  5. So no maker’s mark?
    I’m with Holly. One face out and one with the back showing. You can switch them so exposure to the light is equalized.


  6. I have fond memories of Wyoma and her collection of artifacts. Out of curiosity, was she named for the state? I never thought to ask before.

    And use the plates….

    • I’ve heard of the people named Wyoma before… some with no connections to the state. I have no idea if they named her after the state.

  7. First, protect Wyoma’s nail polish handiwork. Then I’d hang one face out and the other with the back showing. Great treasures!

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