Christmas Cookie Fail

Getting ready for the library’s open house by making Christmas treats.

I’ve never put these together… pretzel, peppermint kisses topped by a peppermint M&M.  Simple, right?  I shoved them in the oven, waiting for the kiss to melt down.  It didn’t.  By the time I went, seriously?  It shouldn’t take so long!  The chocolate kiss had dried out.  Who knew they would do that?

The M&Ms wouldn’t even push down into the kiss without breaking it apart.  Total fail… I had a few left, and found just leaving them in the oven for five minutes, no more… created the perfect treat I was looking for!  Duh.

I will remember next time!


Christmas Cookie Fail — 3 Comments

  1. I’ll guess that the white/striped chocolate kisses have ingredients that behave differently than the milk chocolate kisses when baking. Glad you figured it out. They sure look delicious!

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